Tuesday, April 22, 2014


By Judy Jennings © Copyright 2014

The Queen of Wands is constantly brimming with new ideas.  Queens refer to the inner life, or the soul of a person, and in that way can represent either gender.  This is an honorable person with a warm, attractive personality and a commanding presence.  She is affectionate and can be quite sensuous, but at the same time is strongly independent in a relationship.  She is an extrovert, but also has the ability to be deeply sympathetic and to draw out other people.
As does the King, the Queen of Wands has an animal companion, again with occult significance.  Unlike the other three royals of Wands, who are endowed with the Salamander, the Queen has a potent connection with the Cat. A black cat calls to mind the proverbial idea of a witch, suggesting someone with a powerful command over her environment.  The lions embroidered on the curtain behind her and carved into the arms of her throne associate this Queen with the major arcana Strength, and with the fiery, creative nature of Leo.
The relationship that the King and Queen of Wands have with their animal spirits is unusual.  While it’s true that many of the royals are pictured with wildlife in the background, there is only one other that suggests the kind of personal bonds evident with the fiery King and Queen.  (The other is the Page of Cups and his fish.)  This link to the elementals, or spirits of nature, is symbolic of the intensely spiritual potential of these personalities.       

Unrealized Potential: If this personality is out of balance she can be temperamental, volatile or impulsive.  Ideas may be blocked, or willpower lacking. 

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