Monday, April 21, 2014


By Judy Jennings © Copyright 2014

The King of Wands is an honest, idealistic person with a strong desire for self-expression.  As with all the Kings, the energy expressed is yang, or outgoing, in nature.  In a reading this adventurous King might refer to someone else with leadership qualities, or to a dynamic assertion of the seeker’s own persona.  (Surrounding cards will shed light on this.)  An ardent lover and passionate in all he does, this is a charismatic person full of energy and ideas, and with the ability to light up a room.
The salamander at his feet in the Rider-Waite deck contains important information about the nature of this particular King.  While three of the Wand royals have the salamander embroidered on their clothing, only the King has the creature itself alongside as a companion, suggesting someone with strong occult ties to the spiritual world.  In occult tradition the salamander is the fire elemental, or the nature spirit of fire.  Qualities of this fire-spirit include vision, growth, renewal, awareness, spirituality, adaptability and resourcefulness.  These attributes are highly focused in the King of Wands.     

Unrealized Potential:  In some cases this King can be angry and impatient, with a tendency towards narcissism.  Ideas lack purpose and energy lacks direction.        

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