Wednesday, April 23, 2014


By Judy Jennings © Copyright 2014

The Queen  of Cups is deeply intuitive.  The powers of the subconscious mind represented here are equaled only by the High Priestess herself.  This Queen suggests someone who is a wonderful listener and likely to have psychic ability.  A healer might be indicated.  Her capacity for compassion is boundless.
This is a peaceful personality with a talent for making other people feel happy.  She is patient and loving, with a high sensitivity to other peoples needs.  Although she has a strong spiritual side, her approach to spirituality is open-minded and receptive to new ideas.  Like other royals of Cups, she is affectionate and romantic by nature.  You couldn’t ask for a more supportive friend or partner.  This person also has an artistic side, and an inclination to dream big.
In a reading this card emphasizes a need for a focus on well-being rather than on logic.  Empathy is called for.  The Queen of Cups is always a recommendation to follow your heart.  
When she appears in the past, it’s a good bet that current problems have nothing to do with previous actions.  There is much affection for the past when the Queen of Cups shows in that position.  In the present, she indicates an open heart and the possibility of love.  Great contentment is predicted by her presence in the future.  

 Unrealized Potential:  In this state the Queen of Cups is emotionally vulnerable and has difficulty setting boundaries.  Riddled with depression and addiction, she lives in a fantasy world and cannot stand to spend time alone.  She tends to be extremely manipulative

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