Thursday, April 24, 2014


By Judy Jennings © Copyright 2014

The Knight of Swords is an agitator; he likes to keep things stirred up, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  That depends on context.  On the one hand, this Knight shows great ambition and determination.  He approaches life from an intellectual perspective and has a talent for communicating well with other people.  Everything about this card suggests high energy and swift action. On the other hand, trouble often trails along behind him.  
Knights seem to represent circumstances in readings as often as they do people.  All Knights refer to some kind of delivery, and the Knight of Swords suggests the arrival of new thoughts and ideas, or perhaps foretells an unexpected conversation.  He can also bring surprising messages.
The Knight of Swords is extremely interactive with other royals.  All of the Queens work well with this Knight, for he is their champion.  He can be volatile with Kings, however.  Notice that the Knight of Swords and the Knight of Wands are facing the same direction, while the other two Knights face the opposite way.  When two Knights who are looking in the same direction appear together in a reading, they suggest two people working towards a common goal.  
The direction of the gaze has an important connection with the position of this Knight in a layout, as well.  In the past, he looks away from the seeker, suggesting that conflict has passed.  In the present he can bring unexpected or even unwelcome news.  In the future, the Knight of Swords is looking directly at the seeker, indicating that something unsettling is about to happen.  

Unrealized Potential:  A person who cuts corners and acts before thinking might be suggested.  Lack of caution is indicated.  In this state the personality is adversarial and confrontational.

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