Thursday, April 24, 2014


By Judy Jennings © Copyright 2014

The Page  of Cups is a very idealistic individual.  Loving and highly respectful of others, he has the ability to channel his own emotions into positive directions.  Pages sometimes-but not always-represent a young person, but regardless of age, this is a kind and softhearted person filled with good intentions.  People generally find his playful, creative disposition to be quite charming.

It’s a cause to be hopeful when the Page of Cups appears in a reading.  It advises the seeker to be open to the unexpected and suggests that a fresh approach to a difficult matter may be helpful.  A romantic crush might be indicated.  In some cases this Page encourages you to follow your intuition or act on a hunch.

When the Page of Cups appears in the past it’s a sign that the emotional foundation of your current situation is healthy and loving.  In the present, there might be the suggestion of inexperience in a matter involving the emotions.  Encouragement to express your feelings could also be indicated.  Seeing the Page of Cups in the future is a happy sight; there lies the possibility of a new love or a new close friend, or maybe there’s a very enjoyable activity waiting for you up ahead.  

The Page of Cups speaks to the sensitive, emotional side in each of us.  Above all, this Page is a reminder to keep our eyes and our hearts firmly set on our dreams.

Unrealized Potential:  This Page can be emotionally vulnerable and easily hurt.  Others may prey on his gullibility.  Inability to focus makes him appear lazy and unproductive, and attempts to communicate are often misunderstood.  He is given to emotional extremes.

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