Thursday, April 24, 2014


By Judy Jennings © Copyright 2014

The Knight  of Cups represents the coming and going of emotional matters.  Like all Knights, this card can refer either to a person on some sort of a mission, or to a changing circumstance.  
A person who is symbolized by this Knight is strongly in touch with her emotions and ruled by the heart.  Optimistic and idealistic, she makes decisions based on feelings and intuition rather than logic.  In keeping with all of the other royals of Cups, the Knight is deeply romantic, but on a quest of seduction that is uniquely her own.  
The arrival of good news is often signaled by the Knight of Cups, and it’s a VERY good card to get when asking about love.  The appearance of this Knight in almost any position is a strong encouragement to explore your feelings about a matter.  You may receive an important message through your dreams.
The activity of the horses reveals much about the intentions of their Knights.  The pair shown in the Knight of Cups is in steady motion, perpetually drawn toward the water, the source of emotions.  When it appears in the past. there has likely been an emotional matter that is still affecting the present.  Seen in the present, she offers a joyous and hopeful view of the future.  When the Knight of Cups presents in the future, it’s a sign that events already in motion will lead to great happiness.

Unrealized Potential:  This Knight can be lost in daydreams and become completely unproductive.  Her moods may be variable and unpredictable, and she often becomes defensive.  Sexual promiscuity might be indicated.

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