Monday, December 14, 2015


By Judy Jennings
© Copyright 2015

The Chain Of Roses Represents The Creative Adaptation Of Desire

In the hands of some, Tarot can predict specific dates and times, but it’s never worked that way for me.  When people ask how long will this reading take to manifest, how many months until this happens, or how many weeks until that, I usually end up muttering something about how if you want a specific timeline, you should consult an astrologer.

Far easier to see is the connection between a particular year and a card, which is done through numerological reduction.  In that, you add all the numbers of the year together to come up with a single digit.  For example, 2015 reduces to 8.

But what if the number reduces to two digits, such as 2018, which adds up to 11? In that case, you continue the process, arriving at the number 2.

8 is the number of the Strength card, and because of its connection to 2015, that’s the card I chose as significator for my year-end reading.  The intention for this reading is to reflect on what’s happened in the world over the year, and to assess our global state of mind as we enter 2016.

Whenever the card of inner strength appears, it’s a sure bet that the seeker—in this case, the global community—is being tested on a fundamental level.  This card suggests the opportunity to rise above the basics of instinct and the needs of survival to a state where one shapes inner drives and desires to serve the personality, not dominate it.

True strength, as shown in Tarot Strength, is built on compassion and self-discipline.  This is the card of the triumph of love, not only over hate, but over indifference as well.  This signficator speaks to all of us who are standing in the light, and all who respond to anger with peace.  This is no time to let ourselves fall into despair.  The world needs us now more than ever.

This reading will continue in my next post.

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