Wednesday, December 16, 2015

YEAR-END READING, 2015: Part 2 Of 4

The Storyline

By Judy Jennings
© Copyright 2015

The first three cards in this reading establish what the reading is talking about.  It’s a short story of sorts, one that sums up the current situation and states the reason for the reading.  Strength, the significator, is a comment about how this year has tested us, and how we’ve often had to dig deep for the courage to continue.  (For more about the Strength card, see my last post.)
The next card to present is the Knight of Swords, representing the present moment.  This is a card of action and bravery, and following on the heels of Strength, it makes a bold statement that the challenges we’ve faced this year have not overwhelmed us.  Instead, we’re mobilizing and taking action.  This Knight is facing towards the past and reacting to events that have already taken place. 

The Five of Wands is the third card in the reading, flanking Strength on the right, as the Knight rides to the left.  The third card represents challenges, or areas where energy is blocked.  The Five of Wands is a constipated card, where energy is going nowhere.  Some people see conflict and others see play in this card, as if the characters are jousting, but either way, momentum has come to a standstill. 

This card speaks to the nature of a year during which many of us have felt powerless to make positive changes.  Energy was expended but efforts didn’t get the desired results, or perhaps the people in your group just couldn’t seem to see eye to eye anymore.    

Together these three cards make a statement about where this reading is going.  It shows that 2015 has tested many of us on a fundamental level, but also that the year has provided an opportunity to move forward with resolve and courage.  The petty disputes that stand in our way now will be short-lived; the Five of Wands is the weakest card in the reading so far, and the qualities put forth in Strength and the Knight of Swords are far more powerful.  In this layout the Knight is looking away from the Five of Wands, suggesting that it’s time to let go of any frivolous waste of energy, and focus instead on the battles that really matter.

Stay tuned for Part 3, which will look at Past, Recent Past, the Action Card, and the Near Future.

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