Saturday, December 19, 2015

YEAR-END READING, 2015: Part 3 of 4


By Judy Jennings
© Copyright 2015

Now that we’ve established the basic theme of our reading with the first three cards, we move into a different realm with the fourth.  The next four cards offer an overview of the shape of the year.  This view offers a look at where we’ve come from, where we’re going most immediately, and the best direction to head in the current situation.

The 8 of Pentacles represents the long past, the state in which we began 2015.  There’s a strong work ethic in this card.  In the biggest view, it signifies the building of civilization, perpetually in process.  On a personal level, it reflects the satisfaction of an honest day’s work, and of creating something tangible in the world. 

The 8 of Pentacles is strongly grounded in the natural world.  Still, there’s a spiritual side to this card as well.  The pole on which the Pentacles are being attached is essentially a Wand, and Wands signify the desire for a connection with higher power.  This might be seen as a sort of totem pole.

In the recent past we have the 10 of Pentacles.  This card is an affirmation of the good works people have been doing that have brought us closer together as a world community.  This is no time to lose faith!  In the face of violence that seems intent on devouring the world, we are still coming together in healing and in peace, and our movement has grown stronger in recent months.  Connections have been made that will lead to positive changes in the coming year.

Still, there is no denying that this has been a devastating time in many ways.  The Five of Cups presents here as the action card, and it’s no easy thing the cards are asking of us with that.

The Five of Cups as the action card makes the point that there is simply no way around the grief we’re feeling about some of the events of this past year.  This is a time to acknowledge that, to cry for what’s been lost, and to let go of whatever has become empty to us on a personal level.  This is a state that will pass before long, and with that will come clarity and a fresh outlook for the new year.

That’s a promise that is implicit in the next card, which is in the position of the near future.  Death sits there, looking toward the future, leading to both loss and opportunity.  As we head into the new year, we’ll continue to witness the demise of old ways of thinking and doing business.  As those outdated ways pass, there will be the possibility for an explosion of creative growth.

The Death card doesn’t mean physical demise.  Rather, it discusses the idea of ebb and flow, rise and fall, decay and rebuilding.  So don’t let this card in the near future scare you.  Thus far, other influencing cards are the prosperous Pentacles, the rather introverted Cups, and the Wands that show blocked energy, which suggests that the Death card in this reading is specifically about social and personal processes.  Be assured that this card is not predicting any acts of violence.

This portion of our reading encourages us to focus on the community-building efforts of the past year, and at the same time, to conduct a personal vigil of sorts.  This is a time to remember those who have suffered and been lost to us.  In this moment, we have the ability to experience our grief without losing sight of the connections that have also been made.  Without losing sight of hope.

Going forward, expect to see some significant changes taking place, and soon.  This will be your chance to be a part of them!

The final part of this reading will be in my next post, where we’ll be looking at the attitudes we’re bringing into the coming year, and of course, we’ll see the outcome.

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