Wednesday, April 23, 2014


By Judy Jennings © Copyright 2014

The Queen of Pentacles is the minor arcana equivalent of The Empress, a symbol of love, nurturing, and the promise of fertility.  Thoughtful of others and generous by nature, this Queen is capable of taking good care of both herself and the ones she loves.  She is resourceful and highly practical.

An important connection between the Queen of Pentacles and the natural environment is shown in the garden setting, with the rabbit crouching nearby offering a symbol of fertility.  The carven goat’s head on her throne connects this Queen to the grounded practicality of Capricorn.  The other animal depicted on this throne, the horned cow, connects her to Hathor, ancient Earth Goddess.

This Queen is a confident, deliberate person who leaves nothing to chance.  She is pragmatic in all matters, including love, and very aware of the needs of other people.  This is a trustworthy and loyal friend who will stick with you through difficulties, preferring to make sacrifices herself rather than see her loved ones suffer.  Extremely competent and intelligent, this Queen is capable of success whether in a partnership, or on her own.  

Unrealized Potential:  The unrealized Queen of Pentacles tends towards pessimism and wears an air of heaviness.  She is easily impressed by material success and can be a bit of a snob.  The personality in this state places more importance on the well-being of the organization than on the health of the individual

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