Thursday, April 24, 2014


By Judy Jennings © Copyright 2014

The Knight of Pentacles often represents a person  who is seeking some kind of project or business venture.  Acquisition of money and material goods are at the top of this Knight’s agenda, but she pursues them honestly and through hard work.  This is a very reliable Knight, someone who can be counted on to keep moving steadily-and sometimes slowly-in a positive direction.  

In some cases Knights don’t indicate a person, but rather, the coming or going of a matter of great importance to the seeker.  The Knight of Pentacles suggests movement in a matter involving business, finance or place of residence.

This Knight shows the least movement of all of the Knights, with both the horse and the rider in a position of stillness.  Holding steady and and keeping an eye on progress is her goal.  The Knight of Pentacles is more of a merchant than a warrior, carrying a coin rather than a weapon.  This is a person who uses resources and good management rather than force in order to advance.

When this Knight appears in the past, it’s likely that previous efforts regarding business or residence are of benefit in the current situation.  In the present, it suggests the possibility of a new venture, and indicates that hard work will pay off in the future.  Upcoming opportunities are indicated in the future.   

Unrealized Potential:  An ill-dignified Knight of Pentacles is stuck.  Progress grinds to a halt.  Opportunities are ignored.  This can be a boring person with a lack of imagination. 

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