Thursday, April 24, 2014


By Judy Jennings © Copyright 2014

The Page of Wands represents a person of brilliance.  All Pages have to do with the realm of daily activities and frequently suggest a young person crossing the path of the seeker.  They can at times refer to  the temperament of the querant, as well, suggesting optimism and high energy.  The Page of Wands is healthy, vigorous, courageous and excited. 
The appearance of this Page in the present can indicate a person who is highly idealistic and enthusiastic, but lacking in experience.  The beginning stages of an inspired project might also be suggested.  In the past, the Page of Wands represents a surge of energy and optimism that has helped create the current situation.  In a future position, this Page is encouraging, showing high energy and vitality.  An upcoming project promises to be very exciting.
The Salamanders decorating her coat associate the Page of Wands with all of the attributes of the Fire Lizard described under the King of Wands.

Unrealized Potential:  Lack of experience results in impractical ideas.  Energy is squandered on pointless endeavors.  Fatigue may be a problem.

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