Tuesday, April 22, 2014


By Judy Jennings © Copyright 2014

The King of Cups is a kind and gentle person, compassionate and deeply understanding of the needs of others.  This is a loving parent and a wonderful partner who remains calm and in control of his own feelings even during times of emotional turmoil.  The King of Cups represents someone who is most definitely emotionally available, and who tends to be quite romantic.  He seeks intensity in relationships.
This King has a diplomatic personality and a talent for encouraging people to continue working together.  He is open-minded and an excellent mediator.  The King of Cups is a born humanitarian and an extremely patient leader.    
A calming influence is suggested in any position where he appears in a reading.  While many of the royals seem to address circumstances as often as they do people, the King of Cups takes a different tack and most frequently indicates another person.  
This most kindhearted of all the Kings should not be underestimated.  He may have a sentimental nature, but the royal seal in his left hand shows that he is quite capable of taking care of business, even in the midst of roiling emotions or subconscious influences.  This is a person who understands that feelings are just as important as logic.

 Unrealized Potential:  Traditional lore surrounding this card paints the King of Cups as a philanderer.  Misplaced sentimentality can create tolerance for bad behavior in people of whom he is especially fond.  Genuine affection degrades into insincerity.  Lack of emotional control may be a problem. 

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