Thursday, April 24, 2014


By Judy Jennings © Copyright 2014

The Page of Pentacles is traditionally thought of as a young person ready to take on more responsibility.  This might be a student or apprentice, or in any case, someone eager to attain new levels of skill and knowledge.  This is a person with a developing understanding of material needs and the importance of good health.  A dedication to doing the right thing is one of his strongest values.  

This Page may be also be regarded to represent the initial stage of the development of a project.  In a reading, when the Page of Pentacles appears in the past it suggests the process of maturation.  In the present it might indicate a person who is acquiring new skills or starting in a new position.  Inexperience could be a factor in a business matter.  When this Page appears in the future, a budding opportunity is often on the horizon.  

As with all of the royals of Pentacles, a fondness for the outdoors is indicated.   The mountain in the background behind this Page is noteworthy because of the importance of that symbol in the Rider-Waite deck.  First appearing in The Lovers, the mountain represents the Great Work of a personality whose actions are  connected to a meaningful purpose.  That symbolism holds true every time the mountain appears, and in this case, makes clear that the down-to-earth Page of Pentacles is connected to higher meaning through his work ethic and dedication.

Unrealized Potential:  The Page of Pentacles can represent an irresponsible person given to excessive spending, gambling, or drug and alcohol abuse,  Boredom might be suggested. 

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