Wednesday, November 25, 2015


By Judy Jennings
© Copyright 2015

Ever had one of those days when you thought back on your most recent reading and thought oh, that’s what that meant?  Isn’t hindsight grand?  That’s a time-honored way to learn about individual cards, but wouldn’t it have been nice if I’d realized that was a caution before I stepped off that cliff?

“If The Fool were surrounded by troubled cards, I’d take it as a warning,” I told a friend the other day after The Fool showed up that morning as my action card.  That’s a card that’s often most understandable for me in retrospect, and that day was to be no exception.

My Fool that morning was surrounded by the Ace and Page of Cups, along with the Empress, so I proceeded with a confident assumption of an easy day.  Maybe it means I should act out a little, I thought, cut a rug, dance a bit.  So when my knee gave out for no apparent reason and I fell, I actually felt somewhat betrayed by the cards.

Recently, as I was going through a difficult period health-wise, someone asked me what the cards had to say about that.  “They’re glowing,” I told her.  “Radiant.  Filled with Cups and wonderful possibilities.  I feel like throwing them away.”  I was kidding about that last part, but not entirely.

I didn’t get hurt the day I fell, though, and I was well taken care of afterwards.  So there’s my Empress. 

Still, I had to wonder what was the point, if my reading didn’t actually help me to avoid falling the first place?  And here’s where that led:

The point of Tarot isn’t so much about predicting the future and controlling our destiny as it is about understanding our destiny as it unfolds. The Fool put the events of that day in context for me; yes, in retrospect, but it’s retrospect that has provided me with the inspiration to set intentions for going forward.

When times are hard and the cards tell you to keep the faith, it can be difficult to see a way to do that.  Those are the moments to let the strength and faith of others, and of the cards themselves, hold you up until you can find your own again.  The cards believe in you.  Surround yourself with people who do the same.

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