Friday, November 13, 2015



By Judy Jennings
© Copyright 2015

What’s the first thought that comes into your mind at the word “Tarot”?  Is it divination?   Contemplation?  The future?  Tarot is certainly all of these things, but it’s a lot more than just that.

Tarot, in the hands of a reader who sets this as an intention, is also a powerful tool for social change.  We’ll be exploring this idea in a series of articles beginning with this basic premise:  People turn to Tarot out of a desire for connection, either with higher power, or with another person.

You, the reader, are that person in that moment.  The cards provide an opportunity for you to establish a connection, even with a total stranger.

It’s your own attitude about why you’re a Tarot card reader that will set the tone for your ability to effect positive change in the world around you.  Do you like to show off how much you know?  Do you enjoy being brutally frank with people “for their own good”?  If so, while your style of Tarot interpretation is likely to make an impression, it’s not likely to bring about a positive change. 

Remember that a reading is about the other person, it’s not about you or your ego.

Reading someone’s Tarot cards is an opportunity to offer encouragement, and we’re not talking about vapid platitudes and a pat on the back.  If you begin with the philosophy that Tarot acts like a compass, continually pointing in the best direction for going forward in your current situation, then every reading has the potential for a positive interpretation. 

Tarot offers an opportunity to encourage someone with every reading.  That alone is a powerful agent for change.

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