Thursday, November 19, 2015


By Judy Jennings
© Copyright 2015

Recently I wrote that Tarot helps calm my mind.  That sounds great, but how does it really work?  As luck would have it, today has provided me with a great example.

That nasty clunking I heard coming from underneath my car last evening sent me to bed feeling anxious, which is the same way I woke up in this morning.  After forcing myself to chant 10 Aums, anyway, I laid down five cards.  The first three were minor arcana fussing about money, but the last two were pivotal.

The King of Cups reminded me that the most important thing, no matter what happens, is for me to stay in control of my emotions today.  And to be kind, always. 

The Lovers sitting next to the King of Cups says that something good can still happen here, despite a chilling auto diagnosis.  At the very least, I’ll feel good about myself if I can be that King of Cups today, especially when facing anxiety.

Or maybe it’ll turn out to be the cheap, rather than the major, fix.  However it works out, I feel calmer now because the cards showed me the possibility that lies within myself. 

That’s how it works.  Tarot gives you a glimpse of the most positive direction in which to go forward, whatever your situation happens to be.  What you do with that insight is up to you.

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