Thursday, December 29, 2011


By Judy Jennings    © Copyright 2011 

Before delving further into major arcana symbolism, let’s get back to the subject of our previous post for a moment, and consider the tools on the table in front of The Magician.  The cup, sword, and pentacle, along with the upheld wand, are the symbols for the four suits of the minor arcana.  Interestingly, while the wand is  found in numerous other major arcana as well, the sword is found there only once (in Justice), while cups and pentacles are not specifically included at all.  However, the meaning embodied in the cups is strongly represented by recurring waters that run through the 22 major cards.  The earthly forces found in pentacles are also symbolized in several other ways; through vegetation, animals, and a variety of stonework, such as fences, pillars, and seats.  
The wand has such a dominant presence in the major arcana that one must conclude this symbol bears an important message.  Indeed, what would our lives be if we lacked the capacity to be inspired?  What could we possibly achieve without the strength of motivation and will?  The wand, then, is a symbol for the power that opens the way to other universal forces, and to deeper meaning in our lives.  In the symbolism of the Tarot, all the best possibilities for the human experience begin with the wand.

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