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The Empress holds the promise of potential.  She represents creative imagination, the generation of ideas, and the power of deductive reasoning.  Subconscious interpretation of the forces at work in the preceding High Priestess is found in The Empress, and that understanding acts as a doorway for the personality from one stage to the next.  The Empress depends on the harmonious balance of the forces at work in the Magician and the Priestess in order to thrive.
Traditionally, this is considered to be one of the most feminine cards of the Tarot, but there are other meanings as well.  Metaphorically, the Empress represents the perfect balance of ying and yang, the perfect union of male and female, and the One Unisexual Universal Parent.
Psychologically, the Empress is a symbol for the embrace of Mother Earth and the promise of fertility.
In the material world, the forces found in The Empress are protective and concerned with our well-being.  Safety and self-preservation are strong themes in this domain.


This auspicious card is also known as “Lady Luck”.  From her seat on a woodland throne, the Empress promises opportunity, bounty, pleasure, good health and possibly even pregnancy, depending on the surrounding cards.  The appearance of the Empress might also suggest the need to defend oneself against possible trouble or illness.
A person represented by the Empress will be generous, attractive and loving in relationships.  A patron of the arts might be indicated.  This person will be optimistic and able to overcome setbacks.
The Empress may also represent a writer, musician or actor.  Someone signified by this card will be be inspirational and popular, and possess a gift for self-expression.  There is the possibility for emotional vulnerability as well.
Upside down, this card can also indicate certain negative personality traits, such as the potential for promiscuity and an excessive desire for sensual pleasures.  Disorganization and lack of responsibility can lead to financial difficulties.

Meditate :  On The Empress to stir the Imagination

Planetary Attribution:  Venus
Associated Deities:  Venus, Hathor, Ceres, Mother Nature, Prakriti, Aphrodite, Jehovah
Astral Color:  Green
Musical Tone:  F-sharp
Direction:  East

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