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By Judy Jennings    © Copyright 2011 

In our previous topic, "Stories Of The Four Suits",  we discussed ways in which the conscious and subconscious minds must work together in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the Tarot.  Today, let's take a more in-depth look at the forces expressed in The Magician, which represents the left hemisphere of the brain and the power of rational thought.

The first major arcana begins with the message that healthy self-awareness and the ability to focus a calculating intelligence are the first steps along the path of a meaningful life.  Arms outstretched towards Heaven and Earth indicate an understanding of the human life as a channel for the expression of higher ideals.  The qualities of this card are Initiation, the Powers of Concentration and Observation, and Strength of Will. 
The Magician represents human intelligence and cognitive thinking.  This is the state of mind that allows us to separate ourselves from pure instinct, and enables us to develop the creative, individual aspects of our minds.
The Magician is surrounded by a lush garden and facing a table holding tools that represent the four suits of the minor arcana.  The loose red robe worn by the Magician refers to free will, while the white inner garment represents pure universal wisdom.
The tools of the Magician are symbols of the four elements of nature; Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.  On one level, these represent basic survival needs.  Light is found in the fiery Wands while water fills the Cups.  Air and food are represented by Swords and Pentacles.  The symbolism in the Magician refers both to our desire to control the natural environment, and our need to be a part of it.  This is a theme that carries through the entire deck.  Paul Foster Case made a good point when he noted that “Magic is simply the ancient name for science.”


A person represented by the Magician will be highly intelligent and possibly a healer or leader.  A powerful speaker and gifted with languages, this is a communicative and persuasive person with the capacity for motivating others.  Independence, ambition and the drive for success are indicated. 
This is someone who likes to initiate projects and who is willing to take calculated risks.  The Magician possesses keen business instincts and has a strong desire for knowledge that has a practical application.
Other meanings for this card include the beginning of a matter that will require close attention from the seeker, or an encouragement to summon strength of will.  It might refer to an opportunity for the seeker to become part of a greater cause. 
This is a card of initiative and constructive power.
Meditate: On The Magician to improve your Power of Concentration
Planetary Attribution:  Mercury
Associated Deities:  Hermes, Mercury, Thoth, Hanuman, Saram, Buddha, Christ, Odin
Astral Color:  Yellow
Musical Tone:  E-Natural
Direction:  Above

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