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By Judy Jennings © Copyright 2013

The discussion of the Law of Karma that began in the Wheel Of Fortune continues in the Rider-Waite deck with an emphasis on Justice as the mode where the consequences of preceding causes are carried out.  A fair and balanced execution of the parameters that have been established earlier in The Emperor are found here as well, for Justice expresses the benevolent administration of law and the love of order.  The qualities found in this card are impartiality, accuracy and harmony.  The scales in the left hand indicate equity, while the upheld sword in the right suggests the ability of decisiveness. 

There is also an alliance between Justice and two other triumphs that exalt female strength, and those are Key 8, Strength, and Key 3, The Empress.  All three are ruled by Venus, and are closely associated.  The Empress is the source of creative imagination, while Strength and Justice work together to bring that ideal into the world.

There are other associations suggested in the Rider-Waite imagery of Justice, as well.  She shares a position similar to the High Priestess and The Hierophant, seated between two stone columns representing the forces of duality.  Behind her hangs a veil much like the one behind the Priestess.  The stone upon which Justice is seated shows a correlation with both the Emperor and The Chariot, and a connection to The Magician is shown in the red robe.  The common factor?  Each of these major arcana is concerned with the expression of subconscious ideas in the material world.

Morgan Greer Tarot
The symbolism of the Sword is significant.  In Tarot, Swords command a full suit, in addition to wielding the law of cause and effect in the eleventh triumph.  In both cases, though, the force is the same.  Swords represent the powers of decisiveness, communication, and all other mental processes.

In a reading, this is a card of a balanced and impartial mind.  A person represented by Justice will be poised and self-directed.  Gracious and sociable, this individual has the ability to inspire the talents of others.  This is someone who is wonderful in marriage and partnerships.  Strong cultural values are sometimes indicated.  In some cases, a legal matter may be suggested.  The aspect of fairness is strongly indicated whenever Justice presents.  

Simply put, The Wheel represents change, and Justice the following state where you live with what you have already begun.  In the highest expression, Justice harnesses all of the powers gained by the Traveler along the path of personal development, who begins putting them into use in order to navigate the realm of greater, more Universal influences.


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