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From our thoughts come our words and actions.  Our interpretation of events is what determines the patterns of our experience.

The lesson contained in The Hanged One is that the way a person really makes a change is by changing her or his own viewpoint.  The twelfth triumph represents the surrender of oneself to a greater cause, the acceptance of higher power, and tolerance for the ideas of others.  This is a card of willing sacrifice.

In the three worlds that are represented in the major arcana (for more on this, see “The Three Worlds Of The Major Arcana”, April 2, 2012 ), The Hanged One resides between The Hierophant and The Sun.  This suggests that that the unorthodox perspective found in The Hanged One is the key to truly incorporating the Truth revealed by The Hierophant into the spirit and personality.

Jungian Archetype
Symbolism in the Rider-Waite version of this card is succinct and to the point.  The wooden cross from which the traveler hangs is an extension of the Wand of the Magician, and the garden imagery emphasizes the connection between these two cards.  The position of the legs form an inverted four, in a reference to the earthly domain of the Emperor.  The blue shirt signifies the subconscious realm of the High Priestess, while the red leggings continue to evoke the powers of The Magician and the rational mind.  The expression on the face of the Hanged One is always serene, and never troubled.  The aura surrounding the head is a clear reflection of the divine light that radiates from The Sun.  A background of gray indicates the presence of wisdom.

Ancient Egyptian
Mystic Spiral
In a reading the appearance of The Hanged One almost certainly indicates the need to keep an open mind. 
There may be circumstances that are beyond the traveler’s control, or ideas that are difficult to accept. 

Alternately, this card might suggest an individual who is already engaged in a state of acceptance.  A person represented by The Hanged One will have an unconventional outlook and a compassionate, unselfish nature.  This person will be talented in some way, possibly an artist or musician.  The sixth sense of intuition is indicated, as is the gift of precognition.

Meditate on The Hanged One to increase your power of positive thinking.

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