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By Judy Jennings    © Copyright 2012
This Is The Card Of A Peacemaker.

The subconscious mind and collective memory are the forces expressed in the High Priestess.  This card represents intuitive wisdom, telepathic communication and a balance between positive and negative forces. Reaction, fluctuation, and all forms of duality are expressed here.  The Priestess represents manifestation as well, in the same way that the Moon shines with the reflected light of the Sun.

The Priestess literally represents the right hemisphere of the human brain, as the Magician does the left.  Importantly, it is the successful equilibrium between the High Priestess and the Magician that sets the stage for the entrance of the Empress and the opportunity for the abundant growth suggested in that card.  The message of this pairing is repeated throughout the major arcana.  A meaningful life is based on a foundation of harmonious exchange between the conscious and subconscious minds.

The psyche as expressed in the High Priestess, however, is in a highly intuitive state.  This is the realm of hidden knowledge, and the Priestess is the keeper of secrets.  The columns between which she sits represent affirmation and negation.  The letters B and J stand for the Hebrew words Boaz and Jachin.  Jachin is associated with the Yod, a sign of initiation.  Boaz means strength, but it is the strength of resistance, inertia and negation of activity.  According to Paul Case, “The High Priestess sits between the pillars, because she is the equilibrating power between the ‘Yes’ and the ‘No’, the initiative and the resistance, the light and the darkness.”

The waters that begin flowing in the robes of the Priestess are found in nine other major arcana and are further represented by the suit of Cups.  These symbols contain all of the meanings of the Priestess herself.  The white cross on her chest represents the union of active and passive, originality and duplication, positive and negative.  It is also symbolic of Hecate, goddess of all crossroads. 

In a reading, a person represented by the Priestess will appear warm and unthreatening to others.  This is someone who is receptive, creative, patient, understanding and an especially good listener.  The refined strength shown here can at times be mistakenly underestimated.  In some cases this card might refer to someone who is keeping a secret, or conversely, be a suggestion not to reveal all there is to know about a particular matter.  There may also be a reference to the memory.  It is said that the Priestess represents the true soul of a person.

Meditate on The High Priestess to improve your powers of Recollection.

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