Thursday, September 25, 2014


By Judy Jennings © Copyright 2014

Today the Five of Cups is speaking to me of aging.  Today, this card is a reminder that to live into later years is to reside in a world full of lessons about loss.  When a person retires, she separates from a former way of life.  Moving up in years, our hero begins to see friends and loved ones die around her in a variety of ways; illness, overwork, accident, war.  Eventually there comes an understanding that some bridges really do have to be crossed alone. 


One grieves, one regroups, one stands in the face of the inevitable and grasps at possibilities.  But while the Five of Cups promises loss, it also offers a possibility:  We the living have the opportunity to honor the memories of those who have left this world before us.


As this season turns into Autumn and moves towards Hallowmas, the Five of Cups is a reminder to each of us to turn back to our remaining Cups.  Right now is our moment to pick them up and raise them high in honor of our fallen heroes!


Rest In Peace, Dave Ramsey.

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