Sunday, September 22, 2013


By Judy Jennings © Copyright 2013

It’s been quite a journey for our Happy Traveler over this past year!  Beginning with “Day Of The Fool”, published June 2012, the Traveler-that’s you and me-has followed the path of the triumphs through this blog. 

Honestly, writing this series has had a profound effect on my own understanding of the major arcana.  This has been particularly true of cards beginning with Key 13, Death, and those following.  Many times when I wrote about one of those cards, I found myself wading through that force acting in my life at the same time.  In the process, I’ve gained a tremendous amount of insight and let go of a lot of fear.  In that way, it has been a very good year.  I hope some of you have joined me!

 I like to think of this layout a gift from the universe, a prize of sorts for completing this part of the journey.  Feeling restless recently, I found myself wanting to use a different layout than usual, but unsure about which one.  I chose a significator representing what was on my mind, and placed the next card in a position that just felt right.  I did this six more times, and then looked at the shape on the table.  It me think of an angel.

Use this layout specifically to seek advice from your spirit guides, or as a way to form a prayer. 

The Angel Spread


Read The Head First, Then Read All Other Cards From Left To Right

The Head:  The matter that’s on your mind.

Right Wing Tip (to your left):  The best possibility in this situation.
Right Wing:  The path to this possibility.

Left Wing:  A symbol of your higher self.
Left Wing Tip:  Advice from your higher self.

Body:  Environment
Body:  Assistance that’s available to you.

Feet:  Outcome

We’ll use my reading as an example.  I chose The Sun as Significator because it had just shown up as the card representing myself in another reading, and I wanted to know how to express that as fully as possible.

This past year has led me to a time of new beginnings in almost every aspect of my life.  The Angel’s Right Wing says that these changes will turn out to be enormously satisfying, and that one of the most positive things I can do right now is to look to my friends, who will be there for me.

The Angel’s Left Wing bears the symbol of a Spirit Guide, and the advice that it’s time to lay down old attachments, which are no longer of use.

The body shows a generous, stable friend, and a strong community.

Great joy awaits in the outcome. 

Enjoy this layout!  Use it in times when you need to be reminded that  your are still connected to energies greater than yourself. 

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