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The passage of time and the wisdom that it brings.

 By Judy Jennings    © Copyright 2012

In our last post, we discussed seven cards of the major arcana that express different stages of spiritual enlightenment.  Today, let’s look at those same cards from another perspective.  Major arcana 15-21 also address the world of circumstances and events, in addition to the more philosophical stages of enlightenment.  All the cards of the major arcana fall into that same category, to some degree, with each having a metaphysical aspect as well as a practical application.  Today, we’ll look at the kind of everyday advice this particular group of cards has to offer.

To recap briefly for those who may just be joining us, we are studying the 21 cards of the major arcana in three smaller groups of seven cards.  Each of these groups represents a different realm of the human experience: There are Qualities of an Enlightened Mind, Ways To Integrate Those Qualities, and Stages of Enlightenment.  As mentioned, the third group also represents different types of circumstances that can surround a person.

The appearance of The Devil in a reading can have a variety of meanings. Positive aspects of this card include the qualities of mirth and irony.  A person represented by the Devil will be quick-witted and possess a great sense of humor.  Other positive personality traits suggested are the potential for deep spiritual understanding, a high awareness of the needs of others, loyalty, and willingness for self-sacrifice to a greater cause.  On the other hand, the Devil also represents the possibility of mistaken priorities, limiting ways of thought, addiction, extreme emotionalism, and shallow materialism.  It’s important to keep an open mind about this card in a reading, and to rely on surrounding cards for perspective.  The wide range of forces recognized in The Devil may be in effect around a person, or at work inside the mind of the seeker.

The Tower suggests an illuminating glimpse of truth, a flash of inspiration, or a sudden change when it appears in a reading.  Even further, on a social scale this card can represent liberation from the restrictions of cultural expectations, and psychologically, the Tower can symbolize a break-through regarding some type of mental block or personality disorder.  A person represented by the Tower will be independent, self-motivated, and resistant to external rules and regulations.  This is the card of an idealist, a non-conformist, or a revolutionary.  Past traditions and present realities will never satisfy this person, whose energy at its most positive seeks to serve in the greater good of humanity.  If poorly dignified, the Tower can indicate the ruins of one’s plans or, on a spiritual level, a fall from grace.  It can also refer to a relationship or group where communication has broken down.  The sudden illumination represented by the Tower is a force that, when put to its best use, assists the seeker in moving past the forces of limitation found in the Devil.

Meditation is the key to regenerating our Spirits following the effects of the two preceding cards, and that force is addressed in The Star.  The Star also points the way toward psychological healing.  Any time it presents in a reading, The Star encourages the seeker to meditate.  Courage, loyalty, hope, inspiration, gifts of the Spirit, improved health, unselfish aid and great love are qualities of this card.  A person represented by The Star will have a positive attitude and a strong commitment to the common good.  This is a person who seeks after truth.

The Moon gives form to the creative force and suggests a high degree of subconscious activity.  This card represents the soul of an artist, someone who is imaginative and open-minded, with a receptive personality.  Psychic ability may also be indicated.  Attention to dreams and other messages from the subconscious is encouraged whenever the Moon appears.  There are also possibilities of personality disorders with this card.  Obsession, compulsion, mental illness, and extreme introversion or secretiveness may be indicated under the darkest aspects of the Moon.  In its most brilliant light, however, The Moon is a symbol of positive personality changes, energetic subconscious activity, and a highly creative state of mind.

The Sun is an extremely auspicious card to get in a reading.  On a metaphysical level, The Sun represents the animating force of universal life.  In everyday terms, we find energetic forces, great vitality, and the promise of the good life.  A loving marriage, great partnerships, good health, success, attainment, achievement, and happiness are all potential meanings for this card.  The appearance of The Sun means the seeker is blessed in some way.  If an opportunity is indicated in a reading where The Sun is present, the seeker is well-advised to pursue it.

In a reading, Judgement can indicate completion, decision, or termination.  An honest evaluation of one’s works and actions may be suggested.  If describing a situational change, it is likely to be from one extreme to another.  This card can man that something hidden has come to light, or the end of one phase and the beginning of another may be indicated.
A person represented by Judgement prefers to work quietly behind the scenes until their idea or project is ready to show to the world, but don’t let that make you underestimate them:  This is someone with a strong ability to affect changes in other people.

The final arcana in this series is another auspicious card that suggests triumph and great success.  A door is opening whenever the World appears in a reading, possibly onto travel or career opportunities.  The World promises rewards, fulfillment, and freedom in one’s life.  In some cases, the success represented may be of a particularly spiritual nature.  The positive state of mind represented in this card embraces the passage of time and the wisdom that it brings.  There is a sense of connection with world community, as well as to the workings of celestial forces.  A person represented by The World is wise, possibly a teacher or an elder.  Someone with great positive influence is indicated.  This is a person with the ability to create happiness in the world.

These seven form a powerful group of cards!  Not only do they address stages of spiritual enlightenment and different types of events that can take place, but they also express seven different types of personalities.  These multiple layers of meaning are what give the Tarot such complexity, and make it among the most moveable of oracles.

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