Friday, January 6, 2012


By Judy Jennings    © Copyright 2012

Next, we turn our attention to the only repeating symbol in the deck that also has its own major arcana!  Representing a universal force known by many names including Spirit, Life-force, and God, The Sun is a symbol of deity.  This specific image appears in five major arcana in the Rider-Waite deck, and this force is further represented in other cards by the color yellow.  Crowns, auras, hair, and backgrounds of this color are all agents of Spirit, and suggest electric, animating energy and vitality.  
Not all of the Suns are yellow, however.  White light illuminates The F00l, implying the universal forces represented in that state are impersonal and not yet realized in the human experience.  
The image of the Sun is first seen in The Lovers, which is also the beginning of the mountain of the Great Work.  If you consider the Tarot to be a map for a meaningful life, the directions in this card are unmistakable.  A harmonious balance between the conscious and subconscious minds is the key that opens the door to divine guidance.  We find the combination of Sun over mountain again in Death, and in Temperance as well.  In all cases, the meaning is that of dynamic universal forces directly at work in the human life, and the possibility of divine guidance.
The 19th major arcana lies between The Moon, where changes in old ways of thinking are incorporated into the personality, and Judgement, where the personality begins to lose meaning in lieu of greater universal consciousness.  The Sun, therefore, represents a strong sense of connection to higher power while the personality is still very much in play.  In a reading, this generally translates to health, happiness, and the promise of a good life!  Metaphysically, The Sun represents the capability for unlimited spiritual growth in each of us.  In our map for a meaningful life, then, The Sun is one of the most sought after destination points!

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