Wednesday, November 9, 2011


By Katta Mapes

When will I move?  Which of the three homes I am considering is the best for me?  Will I get the new job I want?  All of these are questions you can answer through Tarot Dowsing.
Tarot interpretation and Tarot dowsing are essentially the same thing.   The difference lies in the specifics.  A Tarot reader will typically explore general trends and themes in a person’s life.  Adding Tarot dowsing to a reading can help to pinpoint the answers to yes/no and other questions.  It adds another dimension to a standard Tarot reading.
Dowsing or divining has been long been used for finding water, minerals and information.  Diane Marcotte of the Canadian Society of Dowsers says, "Dowsing is using a tool (usually a pendulum or rods) that allows us to gather information not directly available to our conscious mind.”
The traditional dowser uses various tools such as a pendulum for map dowsing or a special type of rod for field-work to locate water, minerals, or even lost people.  Other dowsers use a pendulum to get information about health or other personal issues.
Tarot dowsing uses the Tarot cards in a unique way to answer your questions.

You can learn Tarot Dowsing even if you do not know how to do a Tarot reading or how to dowse.  This method will help to build confidence in your intuitive abilities.

Katta Mapes is a teacher and seeker with 30 years experience with both Tarot and dowsing.  Her class on Tarot Dowsing will be offered on Sunday, December 11 from 1 to 3 p.m. at Spirit’s Child. Both experienced and novice Tarotologists and dowsers will benefit from this class. 

Please register for the class at:
Spirit’s Child Metaphysical Gift Shop  
3870 West River Road  Suite 120   Tucson, AZ 85741

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